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We partner with businesses of all sizes to provide custom janitorial services. Our dedicated team has the expertise, resources, and support that you expect to maintain and protect your facility.

Post Construction

When your house or commercial building is in need of a thorough cleaning post-construction, we can ensure that every inch of the space is free from dust and other residue – shining like new!

Carpets & Floors

We use state-of-the-art equipment, the strongest dirt and stain lifters, pre-spotting and enzyme treatments for maximum cleaning while maintaining the integrity of your carpets and floors.

Vents & Ducts

Whether you’re looking to save money on energy or provide a healthier work environment, professional vent and duct cleaning will make the difference. Our experienced technicians ensure proper containment for the protection of your building and its occupants.


Clean Freaks’ qualified, efficient maintenance team offers a wide variety of on-demand building maintenance and repair services, including but not limited to regular preventive maintenance, lighting, painting and quality inspections.

Multiple Solutions


In need of all our services? Our knowledgeable staff will partner with you to create an integrated facilities solutions plan that translates into reliable, quality service and bottom-line savings – all the while allowing you to focus on your core business.