About Us

Maybe you’re asking yourself, “Why Clean Freaks instead of the other guys?”

Fair question. Here’s your answer.

At Clean Freaks, customer satisfaction is our highest priority. We don’t want to just “do business” with you; our goal is to foster a long-term relationship, knowing that the longer we work together, the better we’ll understand your wants and needs. This commitment to quality assurance consistently produces exemplary results for our clients.

We implement a detailed and proven system to ensure that your property is cleaned and maintained to the highest of expectations. This method has resulted in an exceptionally high satisfaction and retention rate. And you know, that’s something that makes us beam with pride.

At frequent intervals, someone from our management team will visit the facility to audit the performance of our crews.
Every week, management and staff review progress reports to determine the accomplishment of tasks and the satisfaction of the customer.
We suggest that formal weekly tours take place with your coordinator and Clean Freaks management.
A complete site inspection takes place consistently, so that we can continue to provide the expected quality standard.

This effective and efficient approach is the core of our business. It’s why our clients stay with us for years, and consistently recommend our services to others.

Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority.